Should You Invest in Art For Your Kitchen?

by Meg Davis

Upon delving deeper into this very subject- asking friends, colleagues and followers alike, we discovered that the decision to have or not to have art in your kitchen is a VERY polarizing one.

For many, shopping for art is about complimenting our home decor. Filling the void of an empty living room wall or maybe creating an eye-catching display in an entryway, but hanging art in the kitchen? It isn’t always as common—but we think it should be! Whether you’re adding a few pieces that compliment your kitchen's color scheme and style, or finding the perfect showpiece that really pops and pulls the whole room together, there are endless ways to incorporate art into a kitchen space that is both functional and a form of personal expression.

My kitchen, for example, is bright and white and clean with chic accents of marble, stone and wood with pops of blue grey Porcelanosa cabinetry- one of my favorite kitchen and bath brands. It's a very soothing space but as art lovers and collectors, my partner and I couldn't resist using the one open wall space in the room as a blank canvas for us to display cohesive pieces from our collection. While our kitchen style might be serene and calming, our taste in art is anything but. We love vibrant, colorful pieces and collect everything from street art to elaborate mixed media works to fine art pieces by our favorite artists.

The final decision for our open kitchen wall? We chose 2 pieces (one small and one large) with rich orange and black hues that beautifully pop against the cool tones of the raw materials in the room and compliment the accent wood elements- bringing warmth and personality into a space that could otherwise be too cold and sterile...though bright and clean, which we love!! It was the perfect way to showcase more of our collection while infusing our artistic personalities into a room we use so much. 

No matter your style, budget, or setup, art most certainly has a place in every kitchen. And you don't have to be an art collector to find the perfect piece or pieces to compliment your look or show off your personal flair. Websites like or even more tailored sites like One Kings Lane offer endless options at every budget. Need a place to start? Check out one of my favorite affordable artists Parvez Taj who has a massive range of cool pieces on unique materials and a variety of styles and sizes to fit every budget. 

The moral of the story? Art belongs in kitchens just as much as it does in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. 


FEATURED IMAGE: Villa Secreta in Ibiza courtesy of Porcelanosa.