The Team

Invest in Her Art is a discovery platform, consultancy and creative agency that uplifts women and non-binary artists by driving investment in their creative works. Through our work, we inspire positive social impact, diversity in collecting and inclusion in the art world.⁣ Our company is led by a team of art historians, storytellers, strategists, and media professionals working together to bring positive change to the underrepresented across the art world and Web3.

Invest in Her Art’s mission is to: (1) bring more visibility and value to women and non-binary artists; (2) uplift underrepresented artists as powerful, visual storytellers and cultural narrators; (3) increase art accessibility, participation, and education across the art world; (4) foster lasting partnerships with our artist and gallery network; (5) support artists as they enter new or digital markets.

“Having the incredible opportunity to work with other women with the implicit goal of empowering and uplifting other women- on every level- has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my career. It has given me hope in a brighter future for business women everywhere, and inspired me to take action to ensure that is so!"